A graduate of Vesper George School of Art (Boston) and Syracuse University (Italy), Jo-Ann followed the lead of her father and became involved with the jewelry industry at a young age. She pursued this career path for many years before making the transition to depicted art. In the early 70s Jo-Ann began taking private art classes from Irving Itchcowich, a well known portrait painter. It wasn't until later, in 1985, that she began concentrating on portraits in oil. Going along with this change, she further explored her expression through stained glass. Through the years Jo-Ann became an active member in The Newport Art Society, The Society of Decorative Painters Association, and presently in The Wickford Art Society.

In 1997, Jo-Ann received numerous requests for religious portrayals (Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Padre Pio, and more) which soon became her focal point. This artwork has since become a favorite on the east coast, with buyers from Florida all the way up to Maine. Since 2005, she began taking classes from well-known folk artist, Lynne Andrews, and has learned various techniques in acrylics. Her style has helped her to create a definite expression in both oils and acrylics.

She lives quietly in rural Glocester, Rhode Island.